James Marks


James is the founder of screen printing maverick VGKids, who’s clients include Coca-Cola, Mercedes Benz, IBM, Converse, and Nike. VGKids recently celebrated its 15th Anniversary.

When he was 17, James opened a grocery store that sold vegan foodstuffs upstairs and put punk shows on in the basement. There was a trampoline on the roof and it was very, very scary.


Sean Hurley


Sean Hurley learned logistics from the road as the on-again off-again tour manager for the rock band Modest Mouse. While keeping track of all the moving parts that make up a 30 city tour, he fine tuned a procurement and delivery system for national and international merchandise delivery that never (well, rarely) relied on luck.


Mark Dickson


Mark Dickson is our principal engineer and technology advisor, and has delivered web solutions for the University of Michigan and a host of vibrant independent music labels like Ghostly International, Touch and Go, and Thrill Jockey.


"We recommend Whiplash to all our artists and labels. Their price, service and attention to detail are stellar. Plus, they made this. How can you not love them?"

Ethan Diamond, Co-Founder

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