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Returns & Exchanges

Listen up, this is awesome: Whiplash can generate return shipping labels for your customers as well as give you complete visibility of your order flow.

Here's how it works:

All orders in Whiplash have a special URL called the Pre-Approved Return URL. Each URL is unique to the original order. The format looks like this:

Anyone in possession of this URL will be able to generate a shipping label to send the order back to our warehouse, and the postage will be billed to your Whiplash account. When your customer goes to the URL, they'll select a reason for sending each item back, as well as an items they'd like to exchage for. Once that's complete, they'll be given a shipping label to print and affix to the package.

At the same time, a Ship Notice is automatically created detailing the items coming back to the warehouse.

When there's new merchandise being requested, an order is created with a status of 75: Pending Return. This order won't ship until the inventory has been received back at the warehouse. If you'd prefer to ship this order immediately, you can skip the verification of the returned merchandise on the Order Details page.

Sharing the Pre-Approved Return URL

If you'd like all of your customers to be able to make returns without contacting you first, add the {{order.return_url}} code to your tracking notification template. (Account -> Preferences -> Email Tracking)

If you'd prefer customers contact you before making a return, you can share the URL on an as-needed basis. Go to the Order Details page in Whiplash, and use the 'Send Return Link' button to generate an email to your customer.


You can control which items are available for customers to exchange on Account -> Preferences -> Returns.

Available for customization are:

  • Address returns are delivered to. Defaults to the warehouse that shipped the order.
  • Rules to dictate item eligibility based on SKU or Price
  • A default for whether items are returnable or not returnable by default
  • The time limit orders are eligible for a return. Default is 30 days.

You may have specific items that you don't want to be returnable, such as a seasonal or final-sale item. To prevent these items from being returned, turn off the Returnable option on the Edit Item page. (On the item's page, go to Details -> More)

As the store owner, you are able to override any of these settings by visiting the Pre-Approved Return URL yourself, and modifying the items listed there before sharing the URL with your customer.


Returns are billed at the same rate as the original order. In the case of an exchange, you would also pay for the new outbound order.