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Configuring Bandcamp to sync with Whiplash

On the Bandcamp Side

  1. Give access to your merch management page.
  2. Whiplash staff will get an email and accept the invitation to your store.
  3. You'll enable SKUs on your bandcamp account by emailing Bandcamp.
  4. Once SKU's are enabled, assign an SKU to each item. Here's a tip on making SKU's.

On the Whiplash Side

  1. In Whiplash go to Account -> Preferences. Under the Shops tab, use the 'Add an e-commerce platform' button to add your Bandcamp store.
  2. For each physical product you create in Bandcamp, you need to create that item in Whiplash, also. Its important that the SKU's in Bandcamp are the same in Whiplash, or your orders won't get created correctly in Whiplash. You can create items while making a Ship Notice.

That's it! Once your items have the same SKUs in Bandcamp and Whiplash, and Whiplash has accepted the invitation to your store, orders will show up in Whiplash as soon as they're placed.