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Preparing Your Products

Your products should arrive to us pre-assembled (ready to ship), with a unique barcode, and an associated Shipnotice. We are happy to help with whatever is necessary to get your products to meet these standards.

If your products need barcoding, we are happy to do this when we receive the inventory. We charge $.10 per unit for this service.

NOTE: The barcodes we add are not UPC codes, so if you're planning on selling at a retail store, you would likely be better off applying for an official UPC code and having it printed on your products.

If your products require assembly, sorting, or gathering upon receiving them, we can do this.
Labor is charged @ $35/hour.


When preparing your items for shipment to our warehouses, your items must be clearly separated by SKU. Simply bagging/inner boxing each SKU and labeling the outside of the bag/box is acceptable. Please remember that each variant of your product needs to have its own SKU (small, medium,, green, yellow red, etc.)

If your product is especially breakable or vulnerable, it should arrive to us pre-packaged in such a way that it is protected from normal handling in our warehouse. If we're adding a barcode sticker, there needs to be a way for us to add the sticker without causing damage. Here are a few examples:


To avoid getting dirty or otherwise damaged during normal handling and storage, clothing should arrive folded and in a sealed polybag. If clothing arrives to us without packaging, our receiving teams will use their discretion and may bill you to fold and bag the items for their safety.

Posters / Art Prints

Posters should be sent to us individually sealed in Stayflat mailers or pre-tubed. If they are not pre-tubed, we will tube them all at the time of arrival and bill you for the tubes at that time. Barcode stickers will be applied to the tubes.

Vinyl Records

Records should be shrinkwrap or plastic record sleeve.


Electronics should be pre-boxed with adequate padding, just like any electronics you purchase in a store.

3D Art / Sculpture

Should be pre-boxed with adequate padding.