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Promotional Items

Some customers have what we call 'Promotional Materials'. These are throw-ins that have negligible weight and value - things like stickers or flyers - that they would like added to orders in certain circumstances.

Promo Items have:

  • Negligible Weight
  • Negligible Value
  • No Barcode

To Note: Inventory is tracked for the item and the item is listed on the packing slip. However, due to the unregulated nature of Promo items, accuracy is not guaranteed and Whiplash will not be held liable in cases of missing or erroneously added Promo materials.

To Create a Promotional Item:

  1. Manually create an item.
  2. Navigate to product's Details and select 'This is a Promo Item'

  3. Click 'Update Item'
  4. Once you have created the Promotional Item, navigate to 'Rules'
  5. Select when this Promo Item is included with the 'Add to Orders' Dropdown
  6. Click 'Update'