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Sending your inventory to Whiplash

Ship Notices

Important: Any time you send inventory to one of our facilities, you'll create a Ship Notice.

The Ship Notice gives us a heads up that your inventory is on the way and outlines exactly what items and quantities to expect.

When the shipment arrives, we'll count in your items against your list and send you a report showing exactly what was received. Ship Notices can be created and tracked by choosing Inventory -> Ship Notices in the main menu.

Sending Inventory - Some things to note:

  • Our tips on preparing your items to ship to us, here.
  • If you are sending us inventory for products that you'll be selling for the first time, you will need to add them to your Whiplash Account so we can identify them. You can add them when creating a Ship Notice - as described here.

International Shipments:

  • You are responsible for getting your inventory to us with duties paid and customs cleared.
  • Whiplash cannot be listed as the Importer of Record.

Ship your items to: