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Configuring Magento to sync with Whiplash

Enabling a synchronization between Magento and Whiplash consists of three main steps:

  1. Creating an API user to give Whiplash access to your products and orders in Magento.
  2. Adding your API user to your Whiplash account.
  3. Installing the Whiplash module into your Magento store to enable realtime synchronization.

Step 1: Creating an API user in Magento

  1. In your Magento admin, go to System -> Web Services -> Roles
  2. Add New Role
  3. Set the Role name to Whiplash
  4. On the left under Role Information, select Role Resources
  5. Resource Access should be Custom, and turn on Catalog, Sales, Catalog Inventory, and Directory
  6. Resource Access example
  7. Go to System -> Web Services -> Users
  8. Add New User
  9. Account info should be as follows:
    • User Name: whiplash
    • First Name: whiplash
    • Last Name: fulfillment
    • Email:
    • API Key: A password of your choosing. Must be a mix of letters and numbers with no spaces.
    • API Key Confirmation: Same as above
  10. New User Example
  11. Save User
  12. On the left under User Role, select Whiplash Fulfillment
  13. Save User

Step 2: Adding your API user to Whiplash

  1. In Whiplash, go to Account -> Preferences
  2. In the Shops tab, add Magento as an E-commerce platform
  3. Enter your domain, path*, and the credentials from the API user you created in Magento
  4. Hit Save & Sync
*Note: Default paths are as follows. If you're installation is in a subdirectory, it will need to prefix your path.
  • Community 1.6.2 and below: index.php/api/xmlrpc
  • Enterprise 1.13 and above: /api/xmlrpc
At this point, products and orders will be imported into Whiplash nightly. Continue to step 3. for real-time sync.

Step 3: Installing the Whiplash module into Magento

Install instructions for the module are on the github repo.

You're done!